Living a Soulfully Infused Life

Hello and Welcome.  This is a record of me becoming more soulfully infused in my human life.  Over the years, I have gone from black and white thinking, to everything is various shades of grey.   I no longer think in terms of right and wrong or good and bad.

Now I think in terms of lessons.  Sometimes we are the teachers and sometimes we receive the teaching.  Both parties in an interchange can gain new perspectives if they are open minded.

I find that if I live from an optimistic perspective of looking for the JOY in every day and trying to understand the other person’s point of view, it helps me to be compassionate and empathetic.  If I listen and try to understand someone else, they usually slow down enough to listen to me too.

This blog is going to be about healing the past and creating a JOYFUL present.  If we follow our intuition and listen to our SOUL, life becomes a wonderful place to be and the future unfolds beautifully.

The other title I was mulling over was:  Thoughts That Roll Around In My Head.  This is because I will be writing thought invoking and provoking articles.  (I hope!)  I will talk about processing hardships and trauma perhaps.  I will talk about the different alternative healing modalities that are out there.  I will talk about my beliefs of how to be a more loving and happy person.  I will talk about whatever else is rolling around in this head of mine!  CAUTION:  There will be RAW EMOTION and sometimes humor that might ruffle your feathers!

Come.  Sit for a spell.  Let’s get to know each other.



“You need all of your life experiences to become the best version of yourself, including some that are less than delightful.” ~ Unknown



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