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A Life With Reverence: Adding Ritual and Ceremony

“When we align ourselves in the moment,
our pain shifts to fulfillment and we’re pulled
toward thoughts and actions that expand us.”

~ Kyle Cease

My life is so blessed.  Over the last five years or so, I have been studying Shamanism with Sandra Ingerman, Michael Stone and many other teachers.  I have been learning how to “Walk in Beauty”.  Every day, I walk as my highest self, as best as I can.  I work to let go of judgement over myself or anyone else.  When my focus is on my own work, I have little time to worry what someone else should be doing.  I work on appreciating everything that comes in my path.  The amount of JOY I experience most days is so much more now than before I incorporated this way of life.

One thing that is so moving for me is the reverence for life, ritual and ceremony.  My life is so rich and full when I focus on appreciation and gratitude.  Shamanism has brought me these gifts.

Ritual and ceremony bring in positive emotions and celebrations. Indigenous people and other cultures have many celebrations for the rites of passage.  My dream and goal is to bring that back to the norm.   There are many reasons why we are blessed to live here in the “Melting Pot”, but I want to include the blessings of our heritages.

We can create many rituals and ceremonies.  For example: The birth of a baby, coming of age, getting married, divorced, a new job or promotion, letting go, death, stepping into a new way of life…  Within a few moments we can crystallize a passage and give it the honor it deserves.  The amount of ceremonies we can create is as many as each of our imaginations.

Recently, my friend turned 50 and she hired me to co-create a special ceremony for her to honor her past and step into the present with her new dreams and goals as an elder and a wisdom keeper.  We created a beautiful ceremony site with lots of flowers and an alter to bring in dreams and goals and a fire pit to let go of all she was ready to release with honor.  We clapped, drummed and rattled. We hooted and hollered with JOY for our friend.

I am curious if our children had rites of passage to look forward to if we would have less “lost” and depressed teenagers and young people?  Would families and friendships have stronger bonds?  Everyone needs to know that they are special and loved.  What better way then having friends and family cheering you on when you make an initiation into your next phase of life?

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson