Monthly Archives: March 2017

Finding Balance

“There is a time for work and a time for love.  That leaves no other time.”  ~ Coco Chanel

There has been so much anger and fear in the world these days, it has been incredibly stressful for many people.  I feel like we all have a “calling” right now that we need to listen to.  Are we to be a warrior, fighting for human rights, out there with our pussy hats, representing women?  Are we to be writing the Congress to motivate them to represent us and our beliefs?  Are we to be teaching children to love and respect all life?  What are you called or motivated to do to make a difference?

I feel that my calling is to hold space for everyone and to hold them in my heart, letting them know there is some kind if divine order in the world, if we just stay true to our calling and our Spiritual nature. We came here with gifts to share with the world.  The time is NOW to use our gifts.  We are being challenged to step into our higher selves and lead by example.  Each person has their unique gifts, their “medicine” to help heal the world.  Every person and every skill is needed.  Every life is important and every life matters.

For me, I feel that I have been given the gift of a huge heart.  I like to put others actions into perspective.  What motivates them to behave or believe the way they do?  Just  being a good listener unburdens people.   Then they have the space to unravel their own story and see their challenge from another angle without me really saying much of anything.  Giving a person the opportunity to feel heard without being judged, opens doors.

The other thing I try to do all day long is to imagine my light is as strong as the Sun and to radiate love and light to all my loved ones, to all people, places and situations that need healing. I even radiate love and light to ask people to step into their higher selves.

Sometimes, when I am not working, I am overcome with sadness and despair.  I don’t believe it is my sadness, but the sadness of the world or of individuals that are coming into my field of awareness. Sometimes I feel like I am moving through mud, it is so heavy. Then, I go into my healing studio and I begin a session with someone and I settle back into my purpose.  It grounds me and connects me to Spirit.

I am learning say no to people or events when I need to retreat and refuel.  That’s when I go into the garden to recharge my batteries and come into balance again.  The grounding of Mother Nature and her glorious blanket of greens and colors of flowers fill me with JOY and optimism once again.

I believe that whatever is our calling, we should do.  It’s why we came here.  I also believe that we need to make sure we take time for ourselves.  We need to regroup and to recharge our batteries.  It is not selfish to take care of ourselves.  It is necessary and in the long run we have more vitality for our causes and for others after we have given ourselves the time needed to heal, relax or self soothe.

What brings you back into balance and helps you to feel nurtured?

“A human being is multidimensional. A human doing may be more like a drawn line than a faceted gem.”  ~  Unknown

“We came here to be a human being, not a human Doing.  ~ Me