Your JOY Was Inside YOU All Along

“I’ve learned that if there were no problems, there would be no opportunities.” ~  Age 19

“I’ll be happy when I loose some weight.”  “I’ll be happy when I finish paying off my debts.”  “I’ll be happy when it’s the weekend.”  On it goes.  Something external has to happen before we decide it is okay to be happy.  If bad things (hard things) are happening to us or around us or in the world, how can we be happy?

Here’s the answer:  We decide to be happy.  We find the JOY that resides in our Soul and draw on that in times of need.  Happy people don’t necessarily have it any easier than unhappy people.  We all have hardships.  We never really know what happens behind closed doors or in someone else’s mind.

Some people grow with grace and wisdom in the face of hardship.  We can all do this.  Even if we are facing death, for example a cancer diagnosis or a car accident, we can choose to see the positive side of the situation.   We can focus on how now we are so much better at making wise food choices, or we use our time so much more wisely now.  Maybe a stranger was very helpful when they could have looked away.

Some people see the cup half full, some half empty.  Some people see how overflowing life is with so much to do, see and experience!  Some people remember that you can refill your cup!

Each day, we can spread Peace, Happiness, Love, Equality and Respect by talking to everyone in a way that shows these positive attributes.  Share your smile, share your gratitude.  Pay attention to the person doing a good job and as far as the person that is annoying you… consider that something hard might be going on.  We don’t know if there has been a death, disease or other hardship. Walk lightly in this world with compassion.

Make eye contact.  Smile more.  Appreciate the trees.  Notice the clouds.  Watch the birds. Enjoy lovers walking hand in hand or parents playing with their children.  Appreciate teenagers for wanting to stand out in their own way, so they can be special.  Hold the door for someone. Help the elderly.

When we step out of our small self and do these simple acts of love and service, we make the world a more pleasant place.  We make someone else feel special and in doing so, we give ourselves purpose and we are no longer sad or lonely.

Won’t you join me in creating a more positive environment to live in?  It starts with us.  It’s an inside job.

Let’s find our JOY!!!

“I’ve learned that I have never been bored in the presence of a cheerful person.”  ~ Age 63