DMV Meditation

Love Statue

Yesterday I had to make the trek to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  I didn’t have an appointment, but it was my day off.  I thought, I’ll bring a book and just know that I am going to be sitting there for about two hours max… Right?  I challenged myself to “walk in beauty” and to keep my happy mood and breathe through the experience.

Universe said… OK, let’s do this!

I arrive to find 120 people lined out the door.  I know, because I count them with a smile on my face.  About an hour outside and I am only half way through the outside line.  My back begins to ache from standing on concrete.  It’s cool.  Just breathe.  Patience.  It’s fine.  Stretch, move around.  Breathe.  Smile at people.

The woman behind me is crowding me and talking loudly on her phone.  Just breathe.  The woman ahead of me is lagging.  I have no space in front of me or behind me.  It’s ok.  I am safe. Just breathe.  Keep reading my wonderful book,  “Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness” by Llyn Roberts.  How appropriate.  Yes.  I can do this.  No problem.

Five people ahead of me before I reach the door.  I gotta pee….  No worries.  I am friendly. People are friendly.  The woman ahead of me is willing to hold my place in line.

It’s been two hours.  I finally have reached the first counter.  She gives me my number.  I get to sit in a blessed, hard plastic chair, but I am sitting.  Ahhh, thank you, my back says.  I start to get a little anxious because I am supposed to meet my friend for lunch at 12:30 and it’s 11:45… 12… 12:15.  I breathe.  She says, no problem, she will wait for me.  She is patient.  I am patient.

A man behind me has just arrived and he is already angry.  He keeps trying to hook me with his angry comments about the DMV.  I resist each time.  Just breathe…  I am not angry.  This is not my story.  They are working very hard and my turn will come.  12:45… 1pm…  My number is finally called and they don’t take credit cards…  Just breathe… Pray… Yes!  My ATM worked.  Breathe…. Call hubby quick… Move money over…

It’s 1:10 and I am done!  I got a lot of reading done.  I made some nice contact with people.  I shared my appreciation with the DMV woman.  My friend waited for me and is not angry at all.

We proceed to have an amazing conversation and a delicious lunch.  Thank you, Universe!

Success!  This was my goal.  To walk a spiritual path with practical feet.  To walk in beauty.  To live my life with my soul intact daily.  Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  To be a light bearer.  I challenge myself to carry my love and light in all situations and even though it is not always easy, I can always start again.  Can I rebound faster and faster if I slip up?  I can.

Let’s all wake up to the beauty inside of us.

“It’s in every one of us to be love, if we allow it.” ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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