Bring Your Soul Into Daily Life

Girl looking up before storm.

Girl looking up before storm.

“Character building begins in our infancy and continues until death.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“A mind at peace, a mind focused on not harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.”  ~Wayne Dyer

I love having deep discussions with my friends about our spiritual lives.  Our souls and our bodies are not separate.  That being said, I believe we should keep our souls activated at all times.  Bring our souls to the grocery store, the bank and to the sink while doing the dishes.  I believe we should act with love, compassion, honesty and integrity at all times.  We can keep our personal safety and spiritual integrity and still go throughout our day.  We can maintain healthy boundaries  and safety in the world.  Daily work builds on reserving an hour a day or week to meditate, walk in nature or go to church, etc…  Church, meditation, spiritual workshops, walking in nature… all help us to stay grounded to Mother Earth and connected to God/Goddess or Father Sky.  These practices keep us on track in our daily life, but the other part of time we are to keep ourselves on track.

I think it’s beautiful that we all find what feeds our personal soul.  Do that.  Then bring it into the world.  I imagine we all have some influence over our loved ones and community.  Let’s use that influence for the greater good.  The more we show honesty and integrity and respect for all life the better.  If people can be influenced by their friends to do negative things, they can be influenced to do positive things as well.

I also believe we can be a good example and a good friend with conscious listening.  Many times people listen to compare or to fix or to wait their turn to talk.  What if we just compassionately listen, so that the person feels validated?  A lot of times, people resolve their own problems by talking out loud and come to their own conclusion with a few deepening questions.

I believe we all have a higher self.  My personal goal is to continue to step into my higher self, every day, every hour and at some point, I become my higher self.  Then, my next goal is that I “grow” an even more higher self and begin my growth into that one too.

Where is the tipping point?  I challenge us to keep up the good deeds and loving acts of kindness.  The goal being that we reach the tipping point when more and more people follow this way of life,  leading us into the “Beyond”.  We can create pods of people in our towns and then as our energy reaches farther and farther, we can connect with other like minded, spiritually based groups of people.  We can see the big picture and begin to visualize our whole planet connected by a web of light.  We can heal the world in this way.

My Shamanic teacher, Sandra Ingerman, describes the Web of Light that she has sponsored all over the world to help with world peace and healing.  To learn more, click here:


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