Which Goddess Represents You?


Years ago, I really wanted to get an Artemis tattoo.   I was going to redesign the picture above a little to make it more like me by giving her spikey hair.  I wanted to put stars on the ends of her arrows because her bow was a sliver of the moon.   I identified with her because she is strong and self sufficient and holds her own power.  I was proud of myself for holding down a business and raising my family and bringing home my share of the bacon.  My business was booming and I felt so good to be in my power.   I envisioned getting a purple motorcycle and a purple helmet to ride around town.  Everyone would know it was me because of my purpleness.  LOL!

I believe power is a word that is misunderstood.  I am not talking about greed or power over anyone.  I am talking about standing in your own power, living the life you came here to live, respecting yourself and having healthy boundaries.  Women are so used to putting themselves last that it is hard for us to stand in our power.  That wasn’t considered “lady like”.  Guess what people, it is Goddess like!

Each layer that I have turned over to look at, to work with, to heal has made me softer.  I have realized there is power in softness, too.  Now that I have put my “stories” to bed, I have a lot more patience and love to share.  I want to share my love and light and JOY with everyone who will listen.  I want to make a difference in the world just by being a quiet presence of unconditional love.  I want to help people to look at the world with a new perspective, one that focuses on the positive, not the negative.

Turning 50 was really hard for me.  So, as a gift to myself, I hired an amazing photographer, Tamara Trejo, of Coastside Photography.  She specializes in goddess portraits and these magical photographs show the women how beautiful they really are.  When she asked me what goddess I identify with, I said Artemis.  She said, “Really?  I see Gaia.”  Without realizing it, I had grown into a different Goddess.

Gaia is our Earth Mother.  She nurtures every living being on the planet.  She holds us all in unconditional love.   She is a sweet presence that is always there to support us. Yes, I do indentify with Gaia.

There are goddesses from every culture and each one teaches us a valuable lesson and helps us to build strength in different ways.  I read a wonderful book called, “The Goddess In Every Woman” by Jean Shinoda Bolen.  She takes each Greek Goddess and introduces their personalities, strengths and weaknesses.   Then she expertly teaches the lessons they have to  offer.  It is a really cool way to look at your growth.  She also has a book called “Gods In Every Man”, for men who would like the gift of this perspective.   It is a really amazing way to profile people and yourself and see where you need to focus to continue to grow and which God or Goddess can help you with making that change.

“God is not floating in the ether, but unbudgeably lodged in differing sizes, in the head of every single person on the earth.  and he grows and responds in exact measure to the amount of work we do for him.” ~ Caitlin Thomas


Picture by Tamara Trejo

Coastside Photography

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  1. dmayala123

    Hi Dina, or should I say Gaia. I love you and your blog. I love that you are awake and aware. Keep it up.


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