Monthly Archives: April 2015

Standing in your Soul Filled Self


“I believe there is so much more that we aren’t aware of on a daily basis, that our abilities as human beings are so much vaster than we give ourselves credit for.” ~ Gillian Anderson

It takes courage in this day and age to stand out and be your own unique self.  Why did our soul come here?  We came here with a plan.  We had things we wanted to experience and learn about and we came here with our own set of skills and talents to share with the world.    We may or may not of come here to take over Dad’s business and we may or may not have come to make a big mark in the world.

People like Martin Luther King obviously came here on a mission. He came to make a difference to a LOT of people.  Maybe some people came to make a difference to one person.  Can you imagine if we were kind to one person on the day that they were contemplating suicide and it changed their mind?  I remember, I saw a guy I went to school with years later and he said that is what I did for him.  I never knew he was even contemplating it.  I just happened to be kind to him at a time he needed it most.   We all count and we all have gifts to share.  We need to stop putting ourselves and others in a box of what is considered normal or the right thing to do.  Sometimes other people’s fears paralize our own dreams and goals.

I remember when I was getting ready to open my own massage business with my friend, Mary. We were going to share space and each be self employed.   People really projected their fear on me about going into business on my own.  I LOVE being in business for myself!  Let me think about the times when I have regretted this decision… hmmm…NEVER!!  If I had listened to the fearful people and worked for someone else I would not be happy.  I have had 19 years so far of career happiness.

For the last year, I have been working with healthy boundaries and speaking my truth.  I ask myself, “Do you want to do this or do you feel obligated to do this?”  or “Will you feel resentful or taken advantage of if you do this?”  Or “Is this how you want to fill your precious time?”  I ask myself questions like this.  Sometimes it is the right thing to do, like helping my Mom with something, so I change the talk in my head because I like being able to help her and make her life easier.  I remind myself that I am choosing to do this.

Sometimes it’s good to just stand still for a few minutes in the chaos, while you decide what your priorities are and whether this is a decision you want to make.  By the way, even if you say no to something and have no other plans but to rest and rejuevenate, that’s okay, too!!  We heal when we rest and we get creative ideas when we let our brains take a break.

I am pledging to live a soul filled life.  If whatever I am considering doing or saying does not align with my body, heart and soul, then I need to say, “NO, thank you.”  Let’s create a positive movement together to support each other in deeper, richer soul filled lives.

“The remarkable thing about the human mind is its range of limitations.” ~ Celia Green

We believe what we tell ourselves, so let’s tell a better story!