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Karma and Other Thoughts


“It is common to express surprise at the unprovoked viciousness of Mortal Man, let us sometimes wonder at their unencouraged Virtue.”  Hester Thrale

I have been thinking about Karma lately.  I think I am changing my mind about what I think it is and what it really means.  I think everyone knows that it basically means that if we do good, good happens and if we do bad, we will be punished.  If not in this life time than in another.  At first I thought this was better than churches threatening that you would go to hell if you are bad.  Because if you believe in reincarnation, you don’t want to be punished in the next life for something dumb you did in this life!  So, if this belief can keep us trying to be good people, great.

As I get further down the road of my life’s journey, I wonder if Karma is much more complicated than that.  I think I started questioning this when time after time I see or hear someone enjoying someone having to “pay” their Karma.  I think enjoying someone having a bad experience even if we don’t want anything to do with them invites Karma to come knocking on our door!  If we are enjoying their misfortune, we must be judging them.

Instead of judging, I try to observe.  I decide if I want to be part of that conversation or have contact with that person for my own health and well being.   I ask myself if I am within healthy boundaries.  If I don’t resonate with the situation or person, I just move on.  I try to let go with love and know that I don’t know what moves them.  I don’t know what their life experience is.   I get curious  about what causes them to behave this way.  I send compassion and light.

I don’t enjoy when someone is having a hard lesson.  It makes me sad for them.  I live in a state of empathy to the point that it is not always healthy for me.  I can actually feel other people’s pain.  Sometimes it is pretty intense.

I think Karma was created so we would have something to work towards and a way to keep ourselves in check.  Not so that we could pay attention to someone else’s work.  Everyone of us has our own shadow side to look at and heal.  We all have had hard times and have made bad choices.  The point is to learn from our lessons so that we can live a life that is more in alignment with our soul’s purpose and so that we can help others that are going through what we went through.  Maybe we can help them before they make the same mistakes.

I want to encourage people to try on another’s perspective and get curious about what motivates people to do what they do.  Not to agree with them or to disagree with them.  Just to learn and understand and empathize.  If we are going to send our energy out into the world, let it be our loving, compassionate energy, not our angry judging energy.

I believe, if we all did just this one thing our world would improve.  If we stay focused on our own growth process and don’t monitor other peoples’ process , except to support each other, we could stay in a state of love and compassion and the whole world improves.  We would no longer project our negative energy into the world irresponsibly.  We all have emotions and we all should be in touch with our emotions.  As my teacher Sandra Ingerman says, “Express yourself, but don’t send your negative feelings out into the world or to other people.”  Let’s be responsible and not project our feelings out into the world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world:  indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”  ~ Margaret Mead
Choose love