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Dogs and Their Untrained Humans

Earth Day 2011 - Cleaning San Pedro Terrace Road with Misha

“Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.” ~ Ann Landers

I have heard the saying, “No bad dogs, only bad humans.”.  I totally agree.  Dogs all have their own personalities, but generally they are varying  degrees of lovable.  Their humans on the other hand, can leave something to be desired.

I thought I was doing the right thing by getting a rescue dog.  When we went to check her out, she came running down the isle and jumped in my lap.  The lady at the rescue kennel where she was staying said, “Wow, she’s never done that before, I guess she’s yours!”.  And so she was.

I have never had a dog love me so fiercely as Misha loves me, but Chow – Chow’s are protection dogs and she doesn’t want any people or dogs near me.  Luckily she is only half Chow, but she has her issues from whatever trauma her past held and then being in cages for four months before we got her.

When I walk her, I always have her on a leash and I always pull her in close when people are passing by.  When other dogs are around I pull her in close to the side away from the other dogs.  My biggest challenge is loose dogs.

I am very happy for people that can let their dogs off leash when they are well trained.  In my experience, people like to pretend their dog is well trained or think they are…. or don’t care…  I don’t know.  All I know is almost on a daily basis, I have to call out, “Excuse me, my dog is not friendly.  Can you grab your dog so I can walk by?”  “It’s okay!  My dog is friendly!” they say.

What part of that is asking if their dog is friendly or not?  What part of that is ok to have your dog bit because it is friendly or not?  I want to respond, “My dog especially likes to eat the friendly ones!”  Smile.  🙂

“No sorry, you can’t pet my dog.  She is not friendly.”  “It’s ok.  All dogs love me.” they respond.   People are crazy!  I love my dog and probably 90% of the time the person would be safe and maybe 10% of the time the other person’s dog would be ok, but do you really want to take an unnecessary risk?  What makes people think they know my dog better then I do??

The bottom line is that my dog needs exercise and so I subject myself to this day in and day out.  She is a good girl and does not start anything.   But, if your dog is off leash and you are going to let it run up in my dog’s face, how can I stop her from biting your dog?  You are not even close enough to help me to protect your dog!

I think it is easy to read the body language of dog walkers.  If a person with a dog is coming toward you and you see the person reel in the dog close, that means either their dog is aggressive or they are afraid your dog is aggressive.  If a person is standing there waiting for you to pass with their dog pulled in close, can you put your dog on his leash until you move past?    If you open your front door, can you peer up and down the street before you let your dog dash out the door and chase us down the street?  These things happen all the time.  I try my best to do my part to be safe.

Besides the fact that I don’t want anyone, 2 or 4 legged to get hurt, I worry that if my dog hurts another dog, she will be the one to be put to sleep and I will be the one heart broken and sued.

Please pay attention.  Not all dogs are safe.

“I’m smarter than my dogs.  Well, smarter than one of my dogs.” ~  Ellen DeGeneres