The Painful Process of Death


“From the unreal lead me to the real.  From darkness lead me to light.  From death lead me to immortality.” ~ The Upanishads

I am so sad.  So sad.  My friend is gone and I am so sad.  My heart is heavy and tears are never far away.  I believe a lot of wonderful things about the after life.  So why am so I sad?

I guess I am sad for me, to be here without her.  I am sad for her, that she had such a hard life.  I am sad for the incredible suffering she went through.  I am sad I couldn’t love her enough to make that pain go away.

Even though I believe in reincarnation and I believe in the spirit world, it’s all about love and light, I am still afraid of death.  How would it be to be physically away from my loved ones?  Not to be able to touch them and tell them I love them?  Not to be able to support them?

I do believe, on the other side, I can still do all these things.  But… can I really?  I believe we all have a soul family, a life guide, guardian angels and archangels looking out for us.  When I die, I would love to be a guardian angel.

Death is such a feared subject.  People don’t want to talk about death.  If aging was more connected to becoming a wise and respected elder, I think more of us would not fear aging.  I think America, in general, is dismissive of the elderly because we don’t want to think about our own demise.

Many of my clients are getting up there in years and they have so many stories.  They are wise historians and advisors.  They have already been through many hardships and they know so much.  They have already learned patience and acceptance.  They have already loved and lost.  They are already facing their declining health and well-being and they face it with grace, humor and acceptance.

I am glad we now host “Celebrations of Life” instead of “Memorial Services”.  I hope we continue to learn to process life and death in more healthy ways and rituals.  My ritual, for when a loved one dies, is to infuse a candle with Reiki and say a prayer.  I send Reiki, love and light to his or her soul. I am hoping to make the transition easier for them to find peace.  I know it makes it easier for me.

“Death does not take the old but the ripe.” ~ Russian proverb

3 thoughts on “The Painful Process of Death

  1. Shelley

    Thank you for your post this morning. Death is a very hard thing for people to talk about much less accept! The fact that every soul/person has chosen their own path for this lifetime feels very valuable but also hard to accept in situations when it seems as if death comes to soon. Divine is the physician to all healing. To remember this beautiful poem is healing-
    I am the life and the light and the way.
    The earth is my garden.
    Each of the souls I plant as seeds germinates and flowers in its season, and in each I am fulfilled.
    There is no cause for grief when a blossom fades, but only rejoicing for the beauty it held and thanks that my will and plan has been carried out.
    I am with all creatures and none is ever lost but only returned to me, having never left me at all. For what is eternal cannot be separated from its source.

    1. Post author


      Thank you for your wise words, the beautiful and thoughtful poem. You are a comfort to me. ♥


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