I Want A Life With Depth

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“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it.  I want to have lived the width of it as well.” ~ Diane Ackerman

“Width adds a dimension to length.  Depth adds a dimension to length and width.  The world is at least 3 dimensional.” ~ Anne Wilson Schaef

I have always believed that we should grow a little each day.  (In our brains and our souls, not necessarily in our pants size!)  One of my bucket list goals is to “Read 1000 books and then read 1000 more.”  I am always reading 1-4 books at a time.  Some of the learning ones are slow and methodical, so I have to keep switching books until one day, I have finally finished with one or the other.  Sometimes, I reward myself with a Stephen King book to really get engrossed in a good story.

Every day I think about my body, mind, heart and soul.  I try to feed each one daily.  Exercise, good, organic food and daily walks focus on my body.  Listening to what my brain is saying and how I talk to myself and others, I continue to encourage unconditional love for myself and others.  I think, “Was that the most empowering thought I can say to myself?”.    I use the teaching of the Magician in the Tarot deck to teach me the right words, right time and place to say something… or not.  This and the walking helps to melt the stressful mind and open up my heart and soul.

Paying attention to what has heart and meaning, I feed my heart and soul  by noticing all the positive in my life, instead of focusing on the negative.  We always have both and we always have a choice of which we wish to focus on.  I notice all the beauty in nature and all the wonderful creatures on this planet of ours.  I notice beautiful smiles and happy people.  I appreciate the people in my life and the expansive love that is all around me.  My heart is full.

Then my soul can soar.  I know why my soul came here.  I came here to heal myself so I can heal others.   I came hear to teach others how to heal themselves.  I came here to help others have a soul filled life.

Here’s a mind teaser:  Why do we get Wisdom teeth when we are young?   We usually aren’t ready for them, so they get removed.  I think we should get our Wisdom teeth when we are in our 50’s when we are becoming wise sages.

“Are you expanding your comfort zone or growing??  Take that first fierce step into the unknown without any thought of return.  That is transition.” ~ Angeles Arrien

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