Psst… Come join me in my secret garden.


When you are in the garden…”One doesn’t have to answer the phone.” ~Donna Tartt

When I was a little girl, I hated gardening!  It was a chore that we would have to do on the weekends and my Dad would always come out for “inspection”.  “You missed a spot here and there…” he would say in a critical tone.  He would never say what looked good.  Only that you had more to do.  I hated those days.

When I shared my business, my partner, Mary, told me I had to help garden the front of our massage center.  I was not happy!  But she taught me and helped me find the JOY that many people love about gardening.

Now, almost every weekend I can be found in my garden.  It’s my sacred space where my brain softens and my heart soars.  Each day, you can see a leaf uncurling here, a bud opening there.  It’s therapeutic sitting amongst the birds and bees.  (Maybe even the spiders, I am wearing gloves!)  I work out problems in the garden, come to peace with things that are out of my control and put things into perspective.

All that digging, trimming and pulling is so metaphoric for how we shape our lives as we go about grooming the present for a more pleasing and soul full future.

I have medicinal herbs that I grow and turn into healing medicine.  I learned from an herbal medicine course and then I took it to the garden and learned from seeds to plants, season after season, made into teas and tinctures and capsules.   I love to help my loved ones to heal.  (Two legged and four legged alike.)

I have beautiful flowers and a few fruits and veggies here and there.  It is so hard to grow a beautiful, healthy garden that is completely organic!  But, I would rather pinch off aphids and get snails at night by flashlight then subject my garden, family, medicine and the earth with chemicals.

It is symbolic of my journey to become more and more pure in my spirit, as my garden has become my oasis year after year with my loving care.

Happy Gardening!  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for seeds or babies!

“…just a tender sense of my own inner process, that holds something of my connection with the Divine.” ~ Shelley


Gardening is like free counseling. Gardening is so peaceful and grounding.  Ahh…  it’s so beautiful and exciting.  You get down there, close to the ground… the dirt smells good, the herbs and flowers smell good.  The bees are buzzing. The little critters are around – cool as long as your gloves are on!  You see up close the leaves uncurling and the buds opening up. Every day it looks different.  The dogs and cats follow you around, curious about what you are doing.  Sometimes they like to pee in the hole you just dug!  Sometimes you kneel or put your hand in dog crap. Oh yea, that is not cool.

When I am gardening, it’s like the Brown Easter Egg Hunt that you don’t want to participate in.  Grab a weed, pull it towards you – “Oh look, squished dog crap!” Kneel down, get close to your work, “Ewe, what’s that smell?” Eye level poo.  Oops, squashed pancake poo on your knee.  Oops poo on the shoe.  Or shoe poo for short.  I garden and drag around a poo bag. 



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